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Chadwick Road Wings 2020

Chadwick Road Wings is part of the project Local Haunts curated by Sam Blackwood. One evening I cycled over to view the wings but they had disappeared..the whole island, lamp post + wings, vanished without a trace. I've made a soundtrack dedicated to their legacy and myth - an ode to the Wings of Chadwick Road.

~ Jordan Mouzouris ~ · An Ode to The Wings Of Chadwick Road Version 2 Remix

Oh you, you, you haven’t heard about the wings of chadwick road?
Well this is an ode, an ode. That’s right,
two cerulean wings laced up to the sky.
You used to be able to find them in the night, out of sight,
illuminated by the car headlight.

This is an ode to the wings of chadwick road,
two cerulean wings vanished and everything that came with them,
Obliterated into glittery dust.

I cycled on my bike looking for them,
two cerulean wings haunting me.
This is an ode, an ode to the wings of chadwick road.